start running Downlad 2024


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Overview of START RUNNING:

start running Downlad 2024

Alright, let me break it down for you in simple words:

Hey there! Imagine a game that’s a bit like a storybook, a puzzle, and an old Greek drama all mixed together. It’s called “Fight against inertia. Start Running.”

So, there’s this guy named Luis. He loves running but, like many of us, he’s really good at putting things off. He’s been getting ready for his first marathon, and today is his last big practice run. He knows he has to run 20 miles, but he just can’t seem to get started. But once he does, weird stuff starts happening.

The world around him starts acting strange. Things don’t look right or make sense anymore. Luis and his dog, Pistachio, have to get out of this mess fast before things get worse.

As you play, you’ll be pulled into a weird world where buildings move, doors won’t open, and the whole city seems to change shape. The game has amazing visuals and tricky puzzles that help you figure out what’s going on.

Every choice you make in the game counts. Whether it’s looking at your running medals in your apartment or making a tough decision that could send someone into danger, everything matters. The puzzles are inspired by everyday things like phone codes and printer jams, but with a twist.


  • Over 40,000 words of story
  • Point and click puzzles with an inventory and movement system
  • Lots of different deaths and endings based on your choices
  • A dog

Mature Content Description: The developers say this game is a horror story with mentions of death, depression, and feeling disconnected from reality. There might be sudden scares or really intense moments.

Hope this helps you understand what the game is about! Enjoy playing!

System Requirements:

  1. Processor: 1 Ghz
  2. Operating System: Windows 7
  3. Memory: 512 MB RAM
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960 or AMD Radeon™ RX 460
  5. DirectX: Version 11
  6. Storage: 710 MB available space

How to Download START RUNNING?

  • Click the “Direct Download” button.
  • You’ll be redirected to another page.
  • Wait for 5 sec and click “Download Now“.
  • Once START RUNNING downloaded completely run the START RUNNING file as administrative.
  • Enjoy gaming.



start running Downlad 2024


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